The Trap: Avoid It or Escape It

Some people call them payday loans, some call them cash advances.  Either way, they are often a financial trap.  For the convenience of providing you funds ahead of your payday, you are charged very high rates, very high fees, and it becomes a cycle that repeats itself over and over. 

As a member-owned cooperative, we saw the need to help people get out of the costly cycle of payday loans.  We want to help our members avoid that trap, and help them escape if they are already in the painful, expensive cycle.  That's where FirstPAL Payday Alternative Loans come in.

Introducing FirstPAL

If you need up to $300* quick cash from time to time, come straight to First County Federal Credit Union for a FirstPAL Payday Alternative Loan. 

There is no credit check required.  You must have direct deposit.  Our rates are lower and designed to give you the help you need without putting you into a deeper bind!  Other terms and conditions are available when you inquire.

Save yourself the fees and crazy rates when you're in a crunch.  Call 765-741-1856 to ask about FirstPAL today!

Payday Loan Alternative from First County FCU in Muncie, Indiana

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