Free Checking!

The average checking account in Muncie, Indiana costs around $8.35 per month in service or maintenance fees. Month after month, that really adds up! Wouldn’t you rather keep that money in your own pocket?

At First County Federal Credit Union, FREE CHECKING rules! Share draft (checking) accounts are still FREE, with no monthly service charges chipping away at your balance.

And there are no hoops to jump through to “earn” your FREE checking — no deposit requirements, no transaction requirements, no additional service requirements, no age requirements. Just easy, true FREE checking!

To keep you in touch with your money everywhere you go, First County FCU also includes FREE Perfect Teller online banking, FREE Perfect Teller mobile banking and FREE Sybil telephone banking with every account — plus a FREE Visa debit card to give you worldwide purchasing convenience and access to your accounts at any ATM. (Looking for an ATM in Muncie, Indiana? Click here!)

And to get your money even quicker, make sure you get FREE Direct Deposit for your paycheck!