Let’s Get Personal

First County Federal Credit Union offers both unsecured and collateral-secured personal loans at great rates and with terms to suit you.

Currently our personal loan rates are:

  • 1-24 months as low as 8.49% APR (monthly payment of $45.45 per $1,000 borrowed)
  • 25-42 months as low as 9.49% APR (monthly payment of $28.07 per $1,000 borrowed)
  • 43-60 months as low as 10.49% APR (monthly payment of $21.48 per $1,000 borrowed)

If debt consolidation is your goal, either a First County FCU personal loan or a home equity loan/ HELOC might be your best option to reduce your payments and simplify your bills. Talk with a First County FCU loan officer about which option would be your best move and why!

For other purchases that are important to you, a simple First County personal loan puts the money in your hands quickly.

Call our Loan Department at 765-741-1856 to get started right away! For a head start, fill out this online application and then fax to 765-282-3863 or bring in the printed version for the fastest service on your personal loan!