Rethink and Repackage

Debt consolidation can be one of the best financial moves you can make.  Reducing the number of payments will simplify your life, and a low-rate debt consolidation loan from First County FCU can help you pay off other obligations much quicker!


First County FCU helps Muncie and Delaware County pay off debt and enjoy the benefits.  First, we look at the debts you currently have.  Then we recommend a solution -- sometimes it is a home equity loan or line of credit, sometimes a personal loan, and sometimes a simple balance transfer from other cards to a First County FCU Visa!


Reduce your rates, reduce your payments, and chip away at your balance much quicker with a debt consolidation loan from First County Federal Credit Union today!

If you got a little too jolly on the spending this holiday season, or just want to simplify your bills, contact our Loan Officer today to get started on a money-saving consolidation loan!  Call 765-741-1856 to get started right away! 


(For a head start, fill out this online application and then fax to 765-282-3863 or bring in the printed version for the fastest service on your personal loan!)

Debt Consolidation Loans from First County FCU in Muncie, Indiana

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